Thursday, November 20, 2008


Chicken pox

Was I hot? Was I cold?
The room seemed to spin.
I hopped out of bed, but I soon hopped back in.

I had spots on my chest, I had spots on my chin.
What were those spots that I had on my skin?

“Chicken pox rash,” Dad said, “so don’t scratch it.”
I had not met a chicken, so how could I catch it?

The doc came to look at my spots and said,
“Um! A batch on your back and a patch on your tum.”

“Just rest there in bed. Oh, and drink lots and lots.
They may prick, they may itch, but do not scratch those spots!”

Did I scratch at that rash when I had chicken pox?
I couldn’t ; my dad put my hands in old socks!

(From : Oxford Reading Tree)

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